Atlantic Montessori Charter Schools follow the Florida B.E.S.T. Standards for ELA and Mathematics and the NGSSS standards for Science and Social Studies.
Our core curriculum materials for ELA and Mathematics are HMH Into Reading and Envision Florida Best Mathematics by SAVVAS.

Students’ academic days consist of:
90 minutes daily for reading instruction

60 minutes for math instruction
60 minutes daily for science and social studies instruction
45 minutes of specials
60 minutes of weekly computer usage for web-based curriculum

Atlantic Montessori Charter Schools use programs such as;

iStation for Reading and Math

Generation Genius for Science

CPALMS for Science and Social Studies

These programs are used in addition to the core materials to further drive differentiated instruction.

Atlantic Montessori Charter Schools adhere to the School District of Broward County’s Student Progression Plan. Please click the link below to view the plan. 


English Language Arts

Core instructional materials are one of the most important resources educators use in the classroom to enhance student learning. It is crucial that they fully align to state standards—what students are expected to learn and be able to do at the end of each grade level—and are high-quality to ensure meaningful instructional support. The comprehensive core curriculum Broward Schools uses requires that students gain knowledge and skills systematically through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking. Our core curriculum aligns with the established body of research on the Science of Reading and integrates high-impact teaching and learning practices throughout. The adopted instructional materials are part of the District’s Elementary Curriculum.


Broward County Public Schools utilizes STEMscopes as the core instructional resource for Science. This core resource aligns to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standard for Science while also following the 5E model of instruction. It also provides students with classroom experiences that are connected to real-world phenomena and also provides opportunities to engage in authentic science practices. Our elementary students learn science through the 5E model of instruction which is a student-led inquiry-based learning method. By learning through the 5E instructional model, the teacher acts as the facilitator by guiding students through their questions and investigation, thus allowing for the students to arrive at an in-depth understanding of fundamental scientific concepts.


Broward County Public Schools mathematics instructional materials provide opportunities to build students’ conceptual understanding, develop procedural fluencies, advance recall with automaticity, and promote higher-order thinking skills through meaningful problem-solving investigations. Strategically designed and delivered benchmarks-based math lessons develop in three stages: exploration, procedural reliability, and procedural fluency. The expectation is to build student understanding by utilizing the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (C-R-A) Instructional Sequence. Focused instruction requires coherence of concepts within the grade and across grades. This focus helps students gain strong foundations, including a solid understanding of concepts, a high degree of procedural skill and fluency, and the ability to apply the math they know to solve problems inside and outside the classroom.

Social Studies

Broward County Public Schools utilizes instructional materials that are aligned to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Social Studies. The Elementary Social Studies curriculum incorporates the required state statutes that focus on knowledge of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights along with Florida’s Constitution, our country’s early history, Patriotism and Flag Education, the History of Florida, and age-appropriate lessons on the history of the Holocaust.

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